City to work throughout night for safe road conditions

City to work throughout night for safe road conditions

LUBBOCK, TX (CITY OF LUBBOCK) - City of Lubbock employees have been working throughout the weekend to treat icy roads to keep traffic flow calm.

Police sent out a warning Saturday night, asking drivers to avoid the Marsha Sharp Freeway, Interstate 27 and Loop 289 until further notice. Numerous crashes have been reported from those areas, seemingly because of black ice.

Jon Caspell is the Assistant Chief of Police Lubbock Police Department. He says, “First off, I think we need to say thank you to our citizens. Considering this is has been a rather historic snow event we’ve had today. LPD has seen a much lesser volume of calls than we anticipated.”

Many departments in the city working hand in hand to make sure that Lubbock was prepared for the snow.

Wood Franklin is the Director of Public Works for the City of Lubbock. He says, “We’ve not only utilized our public works department and our public works staff, but we have worked hand in hand with a lot of our parks departments. They’ve helped us. We’ve used some of their equipment to focus around our facilities, which has allowed our streets departments to focus on these thorough fairs and keep going and snow clearing.”

Many departments in the city working throughout the night.

“Starting this snow event, we did pre-treat the roads. We got out there and laid our salt and sand and what we call melt-thin on our concrete streets. That helps with the freezing conditions on the road,” says Wood, “We got that taken care of prior to the event and contained with that through as the rain turned into snow and continued to fall.”

They will work all night into the early morning.

“A lot of you have seen that water on the roads and later on this evening that’s going to freeze. As we go into the evening hours we are going to continue with going back to our salt and sand applications throughout the night. We’re going to continue that all the way through the night to the morning and then throughout the day as necessary.” Says Wood.

If you don’t have to get out tonight, then don’t.

Caspell says, “What we’re going to do is encourage folks to use an abundance of caution this evening. Go ahead and try to stay home we do expect the roads are going to slick over and be very, very icy this evening so there is really no reason to get out and about.”

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