Lubbock taking extra steps to prevent weather related crashes

Lubbock taking extra steps to prevent weather related crashes
(Source: KFDA)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As crashes increase across the hub city, the Public Works and Parks Department will be out early to ensure the roads will be treated for commuters.

Police say around 100 crashes occurred Saturday night on the icy roads; and with temperatures falling again, the City of Lubbock is worried about overnight Sunday and early Monday morning conditions.

Assistant Chief Neal Barron with the Lubbock Police Department says he believes road treatment efforts were beneficial in preventing some incidents.

Trucks from the Public Works and Parks Department have continued to disperse salt and sand mixtures to break up black ice and improve traction.

Officials said they were able to get the snow plowed off of main roadways and areas around schools, but some of that snow has melted. With temperatures now in the mid 20′s and falling, dangerous black ice will be a factor on Lubbock roads again tonight.

The Director of Public Works, Wood Franklin had this to say to Lubbock drivers: “We just ask that they be aware that although the streets may look dry, there is going to be ice on the roads and some of that ice you can’t see because it’s in that black ice form. Give yourself that extra time, give distance between you and the car in front of you; and as you approach intersections, especially signal light intersections, where you will have to stop, give yourself the distance to stop.”

City salt and sand trucks will be out treating roadways around 4 or 5 o’clock Monday morning, early travelers are advised to be cautious and look out for City workers.

Sunday afternoon the City of Lubbock’s LBKAlert system warned drivers to prepare for possibly dangerous road conditions ahead of their Monday morning commute:

Water left on the roadways from melting snow is expected to refreeze tonight causing icy streets, which were a factor in many vehicle wrecks. If you must travel tonight through the morning, please be cautious and drive slow. The City of Lubbock Streets Department will continue to treat the main roads through tomorrow morning.

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