LPD investigators make significant progress on multiple murder cases

LPD sees turning point in multiple murder cases

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock Police have been investigating 14 murders this year which is slightly higher than the average 12 or 13 reported in Lubbock every year. While the difference this year is slight, Chief Greg Stevens says the progress has been huge thanks to LPD investigators. He says they work tirelessly on every open murder case until it is solved which is why November of this year is significant.

Not only did Lubbock police see no murders last month, investigators were also able to close three major murder cases and make breaks on several other murder cases. “Our homicide investigators have been very active and they have been catching up on a lot previous cases. Some from this year and then some historical cases that they have made some significant progress on,” said Chief Stevens.

Zoe Campos, Kmydron Jordan, and Ashaundre Grimes are all murder cases that were closed out in the month of November. The chief even says November was also a big month for investigators to make several breaks on other murder cases.

“These are folks that spend their life, its their passion, they’re dedicated to catching murderers, and its incredible work that they do and how well they do it especially with the Zoe campus case and Kmydron Jordan case,” he said.

Chief Stevens says he hasn’t seen a month like last November in his career. He says its a relief to the victim’s family and the investigators working to solve the cases.

“This job is all about the intrinsic reward that they receive so to see them high five each other when they have a big break in a case and watching how satisfied they are that they are able to bring closure to family is great,” said Chief Stevens.

Cold or not, LPD keeps rotating investigators, keeps looking at evidence, and keeps interviewing witnesses until every murder case is closed. "There’s a saying I leaned in the military: the deed is all not the glory. Its all about the deed. None of these folks are doing it for the glory,” he said.

Chief Stevens wouldn't go into detail about any ongoing investigations so he wouldn't jeopardize the case, but he was able to say that there are several other murder cases that investigators have recently made significant progress. One even dating back to over two decades ago.

He encourages anyone with any information on any open murder case to come forward. You can call Crimeline at (806) 741-1000.

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