Steve Heryford steps down at Seagraves after 6 years

Steve Heryford steps down at Seagraves after 6 years
Seagraves head coach Steve Heryford, who is stepping down after 6 years. (Pete Christy/KCBD)

SEAGRAVES, TX (KCBD) -After six seasons at Seagraves, Steve Heryford has stepped down as head football coach and will retire from education. Heryford went 56-23 in his six seasons making several deep playoff runs, but he says now was the time to make a change. “I’ve loved it. Almost 29 years. This last stop at Seagraves has been really good for me and my family. I’m convinced it’s time to do some other things.

Heryford let his players know yesterday of his decision. “It was tough. It was tough when our season ended. I didn’t tell them that night. Some of them kinda knew. When I told the kids yesterday, fortunately I didn’t break down. There’s a lot of emotion. It’s been my life’s passion. It’s been my honor to be called coach for 29 years.”

Heryford says he may be pulled into a new profession. “One of things that spurred me to do this is an opportunity to go to nursing school. My daughter is a nurse and I kinda followed her path. I love helping people and I think that would be a great profession.”

After 6 years at Seagraves going 56-23, Steve Heryford has stepped down as Head Football Coach and he’s retiring from education Pete Christy is live in Seagraves

Posted by Pete Christy KCBD on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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