Beyond the Friday Night Lights: New Deal Lions

Beyond the Friday Night Lights: New Deal Lions

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In the great state of Texas, there is no question – High School Football is king.

In fact, according to the UIL, there were 1,071 schools that strapped on the pads and played 11-man football this year.

As of right now, we are at the state semifinals round playoffs.

Which means, there are only 40 teams remaining in the state, and the New Deal Lions are one of them.

“A lot of that is the fruit of hard work by the coaching staff and the kids,” Superintendent of New Deal Schools Jimmy Noland says. “The community is excited about it and as they always do support the team. Sometimes people say, “we are behind them.” Well, we say we aren’t behind them, we are with them.”

Success builds success – and across the board at New Deal – the Lions are having great success.

Winning State titles in band and track, while having constant success on the grid-iron and many other sports.

“We have always told our kids, whether you win or lose – never back up and never back down,” Noland said. “And I think that kind of work ethic and that kind of success, whether it is a win or a loss is something you can take with you the rest of your life.”

And that is something that current Lions coach Matt Hill learned from his former coach Jimmy Noland.

Back in 1987 Coach Hill was a team captain of the Mean Green Lions - that roared to the State Semifinals.

Noland was asked: “back in 1987, did you ever see Coach Hill being where he is at today? Leading the Lions to the state semifinals?”

“He was always a leader,” Jimmy Noland said. “He was always in front of the pack and he transcends that into his team now. Of, don’t back up and don’t back down – put the work in. He has been quite successful and a lot more successful than I was of getting that done.”

Ironically, New Deal will face San Saba in the State Semifinals. San Saba is the same school that the Lions beat back in 1987, to get to the State semifinals.

“We will have quite a decent chance at it, but it’s going to be, I think it’s going to be a rough football game for both sides,” Superintendent of New Deal Schools Jimmy Noland says

Teams to remember - play in December, and there is no doubt the 2018 New Deal Lions will be talked about for years to come in Lion County.

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