Levelland man named person of interest in murder of Jeannie Quinn

Person of interest named in Jeannie Quinn murder

ABILENE, TX (KCBD) - Officials in Abilene hosted a news conference on Wednesday to update the public on the death investigation of Jeannie Quinn, a 20-year-old Levelland woman who was found dead in a field in Abilene.

Officials with the Abilene Police Department have named 56-year-old Ricky Don Henderson as a person of interest in the case.

Police say Henderson was the last person to see Quinn and was her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance and murder.

It was initially reported in late April Quinn had a “hard wire” wrapped around her neck with white bags on both hands, according to KTXS-TV in Abilene. Police were later able to determine Quinn died in what they categorized as a staged hanging.

Sources say Henderson made trips between Abilene and Levelland on a regular basis.

"We believe there is someone from either Levelland or Abilene who would have information,” John Quinn said.

APD is in constant contact with law enforcement officials in Levelland and said they are working to try and gather evidence or clues that could give them a lead on who killed Quinn.

At the moment APD investigators are not as close to solving this case as they would like to be, which is why they are seeking the public’s help so much. A lack of evidence and unusual characteristics in this case have made it difficult for investigators to get any solid leads.

One of the most glaring problems in the case is that both Quinn and Henderson are not from Abilene, so investigators are having a hard time getting information.

Quinn family, Abilene police give update on status of Jeannie Quinn’s death

“Usually when people are local, there is more information available," Will Ford, sergeant with APD, said.

The family has posted a cash reward of $11,645 through both an established $10,000 and through a GoFundMe campaign, which raised the remaining $1,645, John Quinn said. That reward money is for anyone who has information regarding Quinn’s death and all tips will remain anonymous.

The family has confidence that someone from either Levelland or Abilene has information on Quinn’s killer.

“The person or persons responsible for this brutal act have no place in this society,” John Quinn said, "and need to be held responsible.”

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