New year, new laws: changes to Texas laws in 2019

Texans statewide from high school students, to business owners, to public officials, have new...
Texans statewide from high school students, to business owners, to public officials, have new rules affecting them in 2019. (Source: CBS)
Updated: Jan. 3, 2019 at 8:48 PM CST
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As the new year begins, new laws are in effect across the nation and in Texas.

To help victims of human trafficking, HB 29 states sexually-oriented businesses must clearly post a sign with ways to contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline in its restrooms.

This must be in English and Spanish.

When this goes into effect on March 1, it will become a misdemeanor if a sign is not posted.

If you’re changing ownership of your vehicle or need an updated car title, SB 2076 changed how the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles handles title requests.

The DMV can only give a certified copy of your car title, not the original title.

As the population of the state booms, lawmakers say they’re seeing an increase in caseload.

SB 1329 addresses that by adding more courts to those counties experiencing growth, while changing the jurisdiction of some already existing courts.

Next week, HB 501 will go into effect.

It expands on what financial activity must be reported by a public official or candidate to the Texas Ethics Commission, such as any business associations, if they own, received or sold 5% or more of that business.

Lobbyists will be affected by HB 505.

The bill limits how a prior person in office or candidate can use campaign funds.

The law states lobbyists can’t make a political contribution to other candidates or public officials with political contributions they received.

For each lobbyist, this law lasts for two years, beginning on the last day of their final term.

Beginning on September 1, school districts will no longer be allowed to give a Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, known as a TAKS test.

SB 463 says districts can only give out end of course exams, which began in 2007.

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