Trailer park owners to redevelop land along I-27, Loop 289

Trailer park owners to redevelop land along I-27, Loop 289

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The new owners of a mobile home park along Loop 289 at Interstate 27 have plans for the land.

“The surrounding community has been awful happy with this, the city officials also. This has been a sore spot for the last 15 or 20 years,” says Dane Church, the new owner of the Trailer Park.

Owners of Applegate Shady Acres Mobile Home Estates are wanting to redevelop the lot just south of the Loop over the next 14-19 months.

For around $6 Million the trailer park, which sits on 30 acres, will be completely redeveloped.

“It’s been a trailer park since the 50s, it was once one of the nicest ones in Texas and over the years it’s just deteriorated down to, you know, nothing," explains Church.

They plan to create an RV park with both permanent and overnight hookups, a gym, laundromat and dog park.

Some of the permanent residents may include people living in ‘Tiny Homes', “You would be surprised by how many people are doing long term living in tiny homes and RV’s and then we’ll reserve part of the spots for overnight guests."

They also want to sell part of the land for commercial development, including the possibility of a hotel.

The plan calls for new roads through the area, as well as new electrical lines.

Current residents who live in trailers at the park will be given a set time to move.

“They will have to move by our said deadline," says Church. "But we’re not pressing to get them out of here right now, we’re trying to get cleaned up what’s already been torn up.

All trailers that are left are being sold for $500, residents just have to be able to haul them away.

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