Ford attorneys: RDAG claims ‘reckless’ and ‘completely false’

Ford attorneys: RDAG claims ‘reckless’ and ‘completely false’
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In a legal reply filled with enough rebuttals for a scripted television drama, attorneys for Ford Motor Credit took issue with a number of claims by attorneys for Reagor-Dykes Auto Group Monday evening.

The seven page reply to a 60-page reorganization plan filed Monday afternoon by Foley & Lardner LLP, begins with an introduction that emphasizes RDAG’s lack of reorganization “in prospect" or moving forward.

From there, it claims the plan filed Monday afternoon is “uncomfortable on its face," and that Ford continues to lose collateral while their vehicle depreciate in value on Reagor-Dykes lots.

Ford’s attorneys have responses to each of RDAG’s claims, going as far to say some of the claims are reckless and false “in some last ditch attempt to create a reason for this court to give more time to the debtors.”

The reply states Foley & Lardner’s claims against the son of Gary Byrd, the Ford Credit employee who worked closely with former Reagor CEO Shane Smith, are false because Byrd does not have a son.

They also claim Foley & Lardner amended their statements, changing the name of the employee in question to Preston Legere, who was reportedly dating Byrd’s daughter. They then point out that statement is also false, and that all of the statements “post-dates Bart Reagor’s threats to shoot Gary Byrd.”

Ford’s attorneys say all that the airing of grievances is doing is showing the court Reagor-Dykes will “stop at nothing,including making misrepresentations about a Ford Credit employee’s family to buy more time," and that they are “grasping at straws” and are not to be believed or trusted.


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