Abernathy students build tricycle for disabled Muleshoe girl

Abernathy students build tricycle for disabled Muleshoe girl

ABERNATHY, TX (KCBD) - A young girl from Muleshoe has received a special gift from an Abernathy agriculture class, which built a tricycle for the disabled girl.

Students at Abernathy High School assembled an AMBUCS AmTryke. The specialized trike was given to a girl from Muleshoe during the group’s fundraiser, The FiberMax Caprock Classic Basketball Tournament last month.

Seven-year-old Isabella Perez was given the bike. Her mother, Sarah Rey, said that she thanks everyone who helped put the trike together and Isabella is enjoying the trike.

David Howell, the Agriculture teacher at Abernathy High school, said they picked up the box with all of the parts to the trike and brought it back to the Ag shop at the school. Students then took all the parts out and worked on putting the trike together, it took them several class periods to complete it.

Howell said that he started building the trikes as a hobby and now looks forward to doing them every year.

“When you see that young man or young lady get that trike and you see the joy in their face, there’s just nothing close to that” Howell said.

After completing the trike, it was taken back to AMBUCS for inspection before being given to Isabella.

Many of the students that put the bike together are also on the varsity basketball team. They were not able to be there when Isabella was presented with the tryke but did see the video of her after she received the bike.

“It really didn’t take much for us to come together and put this bike together. It took a few days,” Joseph Sanchez, an Abernathy senior, said. “It’s going to make her happy for a long time, so it makes you feel really good.”

Howell said he wanted to make sure these young men know that they are able to contribute to the community and make it better.

“He always talks to us about paying it forward and how us being leaders in the community on the basketball team it is very important to us to do things like this for the people in the community, so that’s just what we did,” Bryson Daily a junior at Abernathy, said.

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