Amarillo vet school gets $15,000 from Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

Amarillo vet school gets $15,000 from Lubbock Chamber of Commerce
Potential Veterinary Medicine property near Health Sciences Center

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Amarillo and Lubbock may compete on certain levels of civic pride, but when it comes down to supporting education across the region, the two have paired up.

On Tuesday the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee teamed up with Amarillo Matters, Inc. to support efforts to secure a proposed Texas Tech vet school for Amarillo.

According to a release from Amarillo Matters, the chamber approved the contribution late last month ahead of the 86th Texas Legislature, which convened in Austin Tuesday.

“This will not only be great for Lubbock and Tech, but it will be great for our entire region and fulfill a growing need throughout West Texas and beyond,” Lubbock Chamber of Commerce President Eddie McBride said in the release. “We are so glad we can support these efforts and look forward to seeing this vision come to life.”

The release says Amarillo Matters has already raised more than $50,000 from the Lubbock area for the proposed school to be located to Amarillo’s branch of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

“While our two cities have always worked together, today is history in the making... I believe it represents a new level in our commitment to combine resources and make our region stronger and more competitive state-wide," Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson said in the release.

Amarillo Matters estimates the overall costs for the legislative session, including lobbyists and advocacy both in West Texas and Austin to run above $100,000.

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