Lubbock’s economic growth leading to Levelland’s growth as well

Lubbock’s economic growth leads to Levelland’s growth as well

LEVELLAND, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock’s population is on a rise, according to Mayor Dan Pope, but its not the only city seeing an increase. Levelland is also seeing a population increase in their city limits.

The City of Levelland turns 100 in the year 2026, and according to City Manager Erik Rejino, the plan is to make Levelland the best city it can be.

The city adopted a 10-year plan back in 2017, geared around five key points that will hopefully continue to move Levelland in a positive direction.

“One thing that makes Levelland unique is the people and its a great place to raise a family," Rejino said. "We are also conveniently located to Lubbock so you have the small town quality of life, but you also have the bigger city amenities.”

Because more people are coming to Levelland, the city has decided to adopt a plan made up of five key pillars, which include housing structures, economic development, job creation, community appearance and community education.

The plan is hoped to make Levelland a better city by its centennial year in 2026.

“As far as the strategic plan goes and as housing goes, we are continuing to buck the trend and we want to encourage more housing by rolling out some new economic development and housing initiatives,” Rejino said.

Currently, Levelland’s unemployment rate is 2.8 percent. The plan also includes making downtown more of a draw in point for the community as well as investing in parks, playgrounds, and targeting different structures to make sure they are safe for the Levelland community.

“Our first priority always to protect the public’s health and safety by addressing structures," Rejino said. "It makes Levelland safer, keeps people from living and entering those structures, and a side benefit is when you address a structure, and its brought up to code or its torn down, it helps the visual appeal.”

Rejino said the plan is to keep moving forward.

“Ultimately, our goal in adopting the Levelland 2026 to help Levelland be a vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family,” Rejino said.

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