LEDA, Bandera Ventures break ground on building in Lubbock Business Park

LEDA breaking ground on new building

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - LEDA and Bandera Ventures broke ground for their new building, The Lubbock Logistic Center, on Thursday.

It’s a high-tech speculative distribution building with more than 161,000 square feet of space. It sits in the Lubbock Business Park at the corner of Lubbock Boulevard and Nutmeg Avenue, right across from the Department of Public Safety building.

LEDA President and CEO John Osborne said the Lubbock economy continues to grow.

“Being able to have someone come put an investment in our community is giving us an opportunity for a company to grow or expand into Lubbock," Osborne said. “That creates jobs and brings investments to our tax rolls, which helps to continue to grow our economy and provide opportunity for our citizens.”

The building is expected to be done and have a tenant in place by fall of 2019.

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