Hailey Dunn’s father urges arrest as he works daughter’s case with private investigator

Clinton Dunn discusses his daughter's unsolved case (Source: KCBD)
Clinton Dunn discusses his daughter's unsolved case (Source: KCBD)
Updated: Jan. 11, 2019 at 5:52 PM CST
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SCURRY COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Eight years after his daughter went missing and five years after her remains were discovered in Scurry County, Hailey Dunn’s father says he can’t keep quiet any longer and wants someone behind bars. He believes it’s clear who that person should be.

“I was told by law enforcement to stay out of the way, that would be the best thing for me to do,” Clinton Dunn told KCBD. “I did that until I boiled over. I want to see action now. I want an arrest to be done, to be made.”

Dunn said it was his ex-wife, Billy Jean Dunn, who called him in late December of 2010 to tell him Hailey was missing. She was living with her mother and Billy Jean’s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

Following her disappearance, it was revealed that Adkins was the last person to see Hailey and alleged that she was on her way to a friend’s house when she went missing. That was determined as false. Authorities said the friend was never expecting her and Billy Jean admitted she and Adkins failed lie detector tests concerning Hailey’s whereabouts.

Adkins was named a person of interest in the case soon after those discrepancies in the story.

Hailey’s remains were found near Lake J.B. Thomas in Scurry County in April of 2013. The case was turned over from the Colorado City Police Department and Mitchell County authorities to Scurry County with help from the FBI and Texas Rangers.

“Everything is a reminder,” Clinton Dunn said. “Everything reminds me of Hailey or I’m constantly thinking, trying to figure out what happened. I’m constantly running this through my head over and over, trying to think about details. That’s not easy because I’m constantly reliving this.”

Dunn said he joined forces with a private investigator in August of 2018. The investigator says thousands of tips come in each day via social media, some credible information they have turned over to an investigator with Scurry County District Attorney as recently as January 10. That recent information, according to the private investigator, was relayed with a request to secure a location. Other information they have gathered, according to Dunn, came from a coworker of Billy Jean who added to the suspicion surrounding the mother’s actions the day after Hailey’s disappearance.

“I don’t think I can disclose that what we have discovered,” Dunn said. “It’s only going to law enforcement. We can’t really disclose what we have. We have discovered some stuff. We have possibly discovered evidence.”

Scurry County District Attorney Ben Smith told KCBD that no recent evidence has been introduced to his office and said there was no update on the investigation. He said the Dunn case is active and continues to be investigated but wouldn’t discuss any details.

Dunn believes Adkins should be arrested and that Billy Jean is involved. He says any other information that comes forward from the public will only help lead to an arrest and conclusion of the case.

“That’s what we need,” Dunn said. “That’s going to cause an arrest. With what every body knows in the public plus the evidence [investigators] have that we don’t know is got to be enough for an arrest.”

Dunn tells KCBD that folks who have approached him and his private investigator will soon submit their information to authorities in an official statement.

The Texas Rangers also told KCBD there were no changes in the case and they continue to investigate.

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