Customers report door-to-door solar companies claiming to be endorsed by LP&L and SPEC

Solar companies not affiliated with SPEC, LP&L

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Citizens of Lubbock have reached out to their local utility companies, concerned about the solar companies knocking at their door, claiming to be partners with LP&L and South Plains Electric Cooperative.

According to Lynn Simmons with SPEC, and Matt Rose with LP&L, these companies are not associated with them at all.

“They are asking our customers about changing their meter and looking at their meter,” Simmons said. “the products they’re selling, we don’t know anything about those, but we do know they are not authorized to work on our meters.”

Many customers of LP&L and SPEC are calling this a scam, but Matt Rose doesn’t go that far. These companies are in fact, real businesses, but their claims of being endorsed are false.

Rose says it’s completely up to the customer to decide which solar company they pick, if they choose to go down that route. And if they do choose to get the panels, that would be the only way a utility company would become involved, but only with the customer.

Rose says, “Once a customer makes a decision that they want solar panels, then we work with them to make sure that we switch their meter to make sure it can track both the energy that they are pulling off the grid, and the energy they are consuming, to make sure that they are on a net metering rate and get all the benefits it affords.”

Rose also noted that a utility worker should always have credentials on hand, but if you ever want to verify that someone is a City of Lubbock utility worker in the field, all you have to do is call 775-2509

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