Teaching citizens what to expect from the Texas State Legislature

Texas Legislature 101

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A former legislative intern hosted a special course on Sunday to educate people about how things work in the Texas Legislature.

Hannah Horick, a former legislative intern for Representative Celia Israel, presented Texas Lege 101 on Sunday afternoon at the Mahon Public Library.

Horick partnered with former Texas House candidate, Samantha Fields to share information to help the community play a more active role in state government.

They explained who the Texas state legislators are, what goes on during the legislative session, how legislation gets passed, and who the big players are in state politics.

The 86th Legislative Session is currently underway in Austin.

Horick said she wants to make sure everybody has an idea of what goes on in Austin for 140 days during legislative session.

“Lubbock is a really interesting area, because you have higher education, agriculture, and all these different things that are going on and all of that is impacted by the state budget that gets set,” Horick said.

Horick is from the Midland-Odessa region and said her passion for politics started young. She has a desire for West Texas to be heard among the larger cities and metroplexes in the state.

She worked in the last legislative session in 2017, and said she learned a lot. She shares her experience to make sure people in West Texas have exposure to state legislation.

“I think sometimes we get forgotten about out here. It’s easy for us to feel like Austin doesn’t really know what’s going on in Midland and Odessa, or Lubbock,” Horick said. “So, it’s a chance to come out and say hey, we’re here.”

She said there are a lot of surprising things that happen in the short window of time that the legislature is in session.

“If you’re not careful and you don’t know what’s going on, you’re going to miss it,” Horick said.

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