Plainview residents warned after rash of home burglaries

Plainview residents warned after rash of home burglaries
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PLAINVIEW, TX (KCBD) - The Plainview Police Department and City of Plainview are warning residents to be on the lookout following a string of home burglaries.

The city says they have seen an increase in burglaries, and have spotted specific vehicles in the areas near the reported burglaries in the past few weeks.

They posted photos of the suspected vehicles to their Facebook page on Friday.

The City also reported an increased number of gun thefts, and posted a list of tips warning residents to lock up their weapons.

• Store all weapons, unloaded, in a secure location such as a lock box or gun safe.

• Use safety mechanisms that render the guns inoperable by anyone but the legal owners, including trigger locks or cable locks.

• Store ammunition in a separate location, apart from the firearm. This is also a good tip to prevent accidental discharge of guns by children or others.

• Write down or photograph the serial numbers of all firearms so you have a record to provide police, in the event the guns are stolen.

• If gun owners leave weapons in their vehicles, the firearms should be unloaded and stored in a lock box or safe that is attached to the seat by a steel cable.

“If your gun is stolen, it is very important that you have the serial number,” Chief Ken Coughlin said in a statement from Plainview Police. “Without the serial number, we will be unable to place the weapons into the State and National data base as a stolen weapon.”

The city asks anyone with information in the burglaries to contact the Plainview Police Department at (806) 296-1182.

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