Tips to stay on track, losing weight for the New Year

Staying on track with weight loss goals

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It’s three weeks into the New Year, are you still keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? According to data pulled by iQuanti, the most popular New Year’s resolution was to get healthy.

Emilio Mendoza is a health coach and trainer at Covenant Health. He said that you start to see a dip in people coming to the gym in the beginning of February, closer to Valentine’s Day.

But if your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight or to get healthy, how can you stay on track?

Mendoza said it takes 21 days to create a habit like going to workout at the gym. “One of the many tips I can give you is: get in here. Try to get comfortable with the environment “said Mendoza, “big thing is start getting consistent, maybe start tracking your calories that you’re in taking for the day. If you come in and start measuring what you’re doing vs. what you’re putting out, you’ll kind of get an idea where you’re at.”

He also said that you have to track your calories and make sure you’re eating right.

Before you start working out, it’s best to double check with your physician to make sure it’s okay to workout.

Mendoza shares some workout tips in video below.

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