Update on Texas Tech University’s security cameras, one year later

Texas Tech PD planning to deploy more security cameras

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It’s been one year since Texas Tech installed security cameras around campus as a part of its campus safety project.

These cameras have been placed in and around the newer and remodeled Tech buildings all around campus. Tech officials say the cameras have been working great and they plan to add even more.

Amy Ivy is a lieutenant for the Texas Tech Police Department. She says a year with new security cameras has helped create a safer environment for TTU students.

“It’s our mission statement to provide a safe and secure living environment of learning and education, so that they have environment that they can come to campus and feel secure.”

Ivy says the cameras are scattered in and around Tech buildings with plans to add a few to the blue phones stationed on campus.

“The cameras are monitored 24/7 by the dispatchers that are in the dispatch center to watch and keep an eye to any activity going on.”

Ivy says the cameras are used to monitor everything, and have even picked up crimes like theft and assault on camera.

“All types of crimes we can go back and utilize these cameras to solve a crime."

She says that whenever a new building is built, they will have a security camera system automatically put in. Eventually, the plan is to hopefully have security cameras installed all over the campus. Even on the older buildings.

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