Lubbock National Bank offering loan relief for federal employees

Lubbock National Bank offering loan relief for federal employees

LUBBOCK, TX (LNB) - In the wake of the current partial government shutdown, Lubbock National Bank will defer loan payments for its customers who are not receiving their regular paychecks. The following applies to any federal government employees and/or defense contractors who have accounts or consumer loans with Lubbock National Bank.

All installment loans to customers affected by the shutdown are eligible to have the next scheduled payment deferred to the end of the note. If the shutdown continues, LNB will likely approve additional deferments. For help with your installment loan, please contact your loan officer.

In addition to covering affected customers’ loans, Lubbock National Bank is making other accommodations. These efforts include waiving overdraft charges as well as fees for money orders or cashier’s checks. For help with these accommodations, please contact a personal banker.

Impacted federal employees and defense contractors will be subject to verification by the bank on a case-by-case basis.

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