Healthwise: Planning and preparing for pregnancy

Healthwise: Planning and preparing for pregnancy

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Preconception care is a term used to describe what goes into planning to get pregnant and preparing for a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Silvia Herrera, an Ob/Gyn and Texas Tech Physician, says a lot of women worry about the birth control they may have used for years before deciding to become pregnant. She says women can rest easy about that because, “Most birth control does not impact fertility in the long run.”

She adds that she believes birth control is a good way for women to plan when they want to begin a family and therefore be more prepared.

That includes taking pre-natal vitamins for months, even years before a woman is actually pregnant. Of course, Dr. Herrera says it’s good to avoid alcohol and smoking if you’re trying to get pregnant. But she adds, when you find out that you are pregnant, don’t panic and do this,

“One of the biggest mistakes women make is as soon as they find out they’re pregnant, they stop taking all their medications and some of the medicines could be really important to treat that condition.” Instead, Dr. Herrera says talk to your doctor about all the medications you take because it’s important to keep any conditions controlled, especially when you’re pregnant.

Dr. Herrera says women and their partners should also take the time before pregnancy to learn about the family history on each side. That could answer questions or bring awareness to what could or would not be likely during the pregnancy.

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