Chancellor Tedd Mitchell talks about future of TTU Vet School

Chancellor talks about future of TTU Vet School

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Texas Tech Veterinary School has been an aggressive plan since it was proposed in 2015.

Chancellor Tedd Mitchell sat down with KCBD NewsChannel 11’s Amanda Ruiz to talk about the future of the Vet School now that it’s on the legislative budget.

The chancellor said the community of Amarillo has already funded $90 million that will go towards the proposed vet school’s facilities. Now, TTU is asking the legislature for the remaining $17 million to make this a reality.

“This is something that will not just to support Texas Tech, but will support the economy out here and the service needs of West Texas which in then turn helps the whole state.”

The House gave the proposed vet school a combined budget of over $17 million while the Senate only gave it just under $4.2 million. That seems like a drastic difference, but Chancellor Mitchell says it’s better than not being on the budget at all.

“The fact that this is on the base budget on the House side and the fact that there’s funding on the Senate side as well is a really good starting place and for us.”

Chancellor Mitchell says the vet school will train students on large and small animals. He says the State of Texas needs just about 500 new veterinarians a year and hopes this proposed vet school creates another outlet to supply them.

“Students will train on everything. We want to make sure we have good access for students who want to become vets, that it’s affordable, and that we are not duplicating something that Texas A&M is doing.”

The Chancellor says now that the vet school is on the budget, its just a matter of making sure the facts are all laid out there so the people in Austin understand how great of a need there is for a second vet school.

“There’s a wonderful vet school in College Station. It’s a fantastic vet school, but the problem is the state has simply just outgrown the capacity of just one university to supply what we need.”

The chancellor says if everything goes according to plan, the vet school should be ready to be open by 2021.

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