Lubbock audiologists providing free hearing aids for working poor

Free hearing aids for the working poor

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Some people in Lubbock are hearing more clearly now thanks to a certain group of local audiologists, and their patients.

Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars but on Wednesday two people got a pair for free. Over the past few weeks, Cornerstone has been working on a project with Impact Lubbock to bring the gift of hearing to those who can’t afford it.

“Every three to five years patients often trade in their hearing aids for something better, so when they donate their hearing aids we keep them and recondition them and donate our time to fit them on somebody who needs them in the community," explains Dr. Julie Hubick, an audiologist and CEO of Cornerstone.

Those who qualified for the free hearing aids are regulars with Impact Lubbock, a community organization that provides help to the working poor.

“They’re just so grateful. The working poor are an often ignored or unheard group because they are just that, working poor," says Rory Thomas, the Executive Director of Impact Lubbock. "They have jobs, they have things that they do, they’re busy all the time and yet it’s just hard to make it through the end of the month.”

“It’s surprising and rewarding every time when you fit a patient with hearing aids because they’re hearing things they haven’t heard in years and it just helps them to have a better quality of life, " says Dr. Hubick.

And Thomas agrees, “I’m always amazed at the giving spirit of the businesses, of the doctors, of people who come to Lubbock impact who want to share.”

Lubbock Impact offers a medical clinic to the uninsured and working poor every Wednesday night, but once a month Cornerstone joins the effort to provide some hearing aids.

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