Lubbock Coding Academy meets need for web developers in the area

Lubbock Coding Academy meets need for web developers in the area

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A program that teaches a technical skill in a growing industry begins tonight. It’s a nine-month class to teach students to be web developers and software engineers.

It stems from the Austin Coding Academy and is made possible through a partnership with South Plains College, the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance and Texas Tech University.

Chris Lofton is the CEO of Austin Coding Academy and Lubbock Coding Academy. He says the program is the first of it’s kind in Lubbock and is a long time coming.

“Our society is facing a big problem, there are people who know tech and understand it, and people who don’t. And, the people who don’t understand technology are being left behind and feeling like the future is not theirs,” Lofton said.

He said after talking to companies and community partners, it was clear there are opportunities and jobs in the area.

He said there is an estimated 50 to 100 open web development and software engineering jobs per year in Lubbock that can be filled with this program.

The program will cover each part of being a full-stacked developer, including HTML, CSS, Java Script and more.

Dale Sanders is the Vice President of Product at SitePro. He said this program is exciting, as web development and software engineering is the life-blood of his SitePro’s product.

“It’s very exciting. We have a good base of programmers here in the Lubbock area, but to have new talent coming into the market and to power these businesses that are increasingly technology based like site pro that’s very helpful,” Sanders said.

Sanders said having new entrance from the Lubbock Coding Academy would be very helpful.

Lofton said the response to the cohort is remarkable. The class is full, with 23 students signed up. Because of the god response, another class will begin in April.

Devanne Aceves was the first student to sign up for the Lubbock Coding Academy. She said she is excited to start the program, as it was difficult to try to teach herself how to code.

“The approach that they take is different than a traditional classroom approach, because you are studying outside of class and then class-time is reserved for actually working with professionals that help you to understand what is going on, what can be fixed, or what you can improve,” Aceves said.

Aceves said she likes that a lot, as it gives her a chance to really engage herself with whatever she’s practicing or learning at that time.

“I think for me, Lubbock Coding Academy was security in a lot of ways, because we are moving toward a more digital era. I want to be a part of that, I feel like that would be a really empowering experience and I feel like Lubbock Coding Academy is my entrance way to that,” Aceves said.

The class begins at South Plains College in Lubbock on Monday.

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