Illnesses on the rise, Slaton ISD uses Professional Development day for extra cleaning

Illnesses on the rise, Slaton ISD uses Professional Development day for extra cleaning
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A number of bugs are in the air this time of year and teachers in the Slaton Independent School District have cancelled classes for Wednesday February 6, while facilities get a deep clean.

Officials with Slaton ISD originally excused students for staff to hold a professional development day, now they’re using this day to disinfect rooms and equipment.

This comes after an unusually high number of students have called in sick over the past several days. There are around 1,335 students in the Slaton ISD system and an attendance rate of 96% that has fallen to 83% in this wave of illness.

With flu season in full force, many parents are concerned for their children catching the virus, but according to Slaton ISD, flu cases only make up around 30% of the sick cases in their area. A host of illnesses like strep and stomach bugs are affecting students, and experts say the best way to prevent further spreading is to stay home.

Slaton ISD Superintendent Julee Becker says the safety of children is a big priority. She encourages parents to notify the school when kids become sick so they can stay home and away from other students. Becker says they will be working with kids that miss to get back on track when they return, but Slaton schools take this situation very seriously.

Parents who notice flu-like symptoms are encouraged to speak to their schools and keep infected children home. Doctors encourage older or immune compromised individuals who are open to infection to get the flu vaccination to prevent further complications.

We have received questions in our district in regard to a flu epidemic in Slaton ISD.  While our student attendance has been lower this week than any time this school year, Flu A and B account for only 1 in 3 of our students that are absent.  We are blessed to have cleaning staff in place that follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines every day.  A Professional Development Day, Student Goals day and Student Holiday has been scheduled for February 6, 2019 on our Board of Trustees adopted calendar since last Spring.  We will continue to deep clean tomorrow while we meet with parents for GOALS day and our teachers participate in a Professional Development Day.  We will resume our regularly scheduled school week on Thursday.
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