The truth about ear tubes in kids

INTERVIEW: Dr. Winslo Idicula on ear tubes for kids

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - When little kids are fussy and pulling on their ears, that’s a pretty good indication there is an ear infection.

Also, if you count three ear infections in six months or four in a year, your pediatrician will probably refer you to an ear nose and throat surgeon. That comes from Dr. Winslo Idicula, who is an E.N.T. and Texas Tech Physician.

He says ear tube surgery is extremely common in kids. The procedure just takes about 10 minutes and the kids are usually acting like themselves a few hours later. But Dr Idicula adds that is also one of the reasons why he hears one common misconception among parents.

He explains, “Once we put the tubes in, parents think that they’ll never have another ear infection. That’s not the case. Usually, you’ll still get ear infections. It just helps us treat the infection and allow the fluid to drain on its own."

Dr. Idicula says ear tube surgery is considered very safe and it has been done on infants as young as 6 months old. The benefit is treating the ears before repeated infections trigger hearing loss or speech delays. He adds, “One of the worst case scenarios is that skin debris of the ear can work its way into the ear and start to eat away at the bones of hearing.”

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