Consider This: Texas House, Senate file identical property tax reform bills

Consider This: Property Tax Reform Bills

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week, in a coalition led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, both the Texas House and Senate filed identical property tax reform bills.

Those bills would require voters to approve any tax increase greater than 2.5 percent over a comparative rate from the previous year. The bills exempt smaller taxing entities that might be crippled by such a move, while ensuring fundamental accountability of cities and counties like Lubbock.

If you remember, two years ago the two houses failed to agree on a rollback rate. This year, it looks like taxpayers will be the winner when both houses are in agreement.

Two years ago, elected officials from Lubbock spent our tax dollars traveling to Austin to lobby against property tax reform.

If the past is any predictor, soon you’re going to hear city and county leaders crying foul over Austin’s limits over what they call, “local control.”

Consider this … there’s no more “local control” than the vote of the people.

It’s time local governments lived within their means. And it is past time for our leaders, to stop using our money, to lobby the legislature against us.

Lubbock and West Texas have the strongest legislative delegation we have had in memory. Let them do their job and bring property tax relief to all Texans.

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‘Consider This’ is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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