NICU nurse explains importance of breast milk for newborns

NICU nurse explains importance of breast milk for newborns

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Covenant Children’s is offering classes for expecting and new moms along with support groups.

Veronica Garcia, RN-CNIC, CLC, is a registered nurse working in the NICU at Covenant Children’s. She spoke with us about the importance of breast milk for newborns.

“It’s super important for babies to get breast milk. Not only because it is nutritional, and it helps them grow and digest better," Garcia said. "It’s also very important so that they receive those immunities. They have decreased infections. Decreased length of stay in our hospitals as well.”

Sarah Brown is a clinical dietitian in the NICU. She said studies show breast milk is beneficial for all infants.

“By giving breast milk, these studies have shown that they have less risk of sepsis, GI infections, ear infections - the list goes on and on of the benefits of breast milk,” Brown said.

Covenant Children’s also has a drop off location for breast milk donations. The hospital works in partnership with Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas, located in Fort Worth.

Donated breast milk is sent to their main location, where it is tested and processed and can be used for newborns across the state.

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