KCBD Investigates: Customers accuse Bliss Bridal of unfulfilled orders, lost dresses

A bridal nightmare

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Customers of the local bridal shop, Bliss Bridal at 3806 50th St., are accusing the store owner of not fulfilling wedding day promises. Some reported unfilled or late orders, getting the runaround and even lost dresses.

The KCBD NewsChannel 11 Investigates team has received multiple complaints since November on the shop and have checked in with some of its customers. Magan Fajardo is one of the customers who feels she was done wrong by Bliss Bridal’s owner Kristi Cook.

“She told me (the dress) had shipped at the end of November, that week after Thanksgiving, I called and she said, ‘yes it has shipped, it is in route, it’ll be here the next week,’" Fajardo said. "And then whenever I called the next week she said oh it is taking a few more days, it’ll be here the next week. And that’s whenever I just gave her the benefit of the doubt I was like ‘OK I’m sure it will come in I’m sure it’s there, these things happen.’”

By the end of January, Fajardo never received her dress or heard from Cook, Farjardo said. Finally, she made an unexpected, three-hour trip from Roswell, New Mexico to visit the shop and confront Cook.

When she got to the shop and spoke with an employee, Fajardo was told her dress was not in the shop, even though she had paperwork that said the dress would be in by Oct. 6. She was even told Bliss Bridal does not carry the designer of her dress.

A Bliss Bridal employee was able to get in contact with Cook, who said she would be at the store at 6 p.m. She never made it to the store and after checking in on Cook again, the employee found out she was not even in town.

“This is all I can do to keep my head above water. I don’t know what else to do at this point, I have hurt so many people that have trusted me to be their customer," Cook said in a phone conversation with KCBD. "I mean their customer service person I guess you could say, and it’s not right.”

Fajardo was able to find a dress, at a different shop and went back home to Roswell. However, within the last 48 hours, Fajardo was called by Bliss and told her dress was shipped.

She did receive it, though months late, but was still shocked by the entire experience.

“I wouldn’t wish this on any bride," Fajardo said. "It’s horrible. It’s a horrible experience.”

UPDATE: Brides and related people who have any pending orders from Watters, Wtoo or Willowby through Bliss Bridal can contact Katy Justice, with Watters, at katy.justice@watters.com and the company will work to resolve any order issues. The only thing needed is proof of purchase.

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