Anti-gang task force arrests Top 10 Most Wanted fugitive

Anti-gang task force arrests Top 10 Most Wanted fugitive
James D. Betts

Provided by Texas Anti-Gang Center

James Douglas Betts, 41, who was featured on the ‘TAG Top 10 Most Wanted Gang Fugitives’ list, is now in custody.

On the afternoon of February 7th, investigators with the Lubbock Texas Anti-Gang Center arrested Betts without incident in the 3800 block of 32nd Street. Betts was featured on the list due to having multiple outstanding felony arrest warrants. Those warrants included charges of burglary of a building, possession of a controlled substance and theft.

The TAG Top 10 list can be found at along with their photos and charges. The list is comprised of wanted fugitives with known gang affiliations who have outstanding warrants for various crimes. The TAG web site features educational information on criminal gangs and allows community members to anonymously report criminal and gang related activity.

The TAG Center, initially funded by a grant from the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division, houses state, local and federal investigative agencies and staff from the Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office charged with integrating intelligence and information to develop a comprehensive strategy to coordinate and conduct criminal investigations to proactively and effectively combat organized criminal gangs.