Local man gifted car from coworkers

KCBD Newschannel 11 at 10 Man gifted car

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - One Lubbock man is now proud owner of a car, after a generous gift from his coworkers. Freddie Rodriguez has been working at precision body works for about a year now, and in that year he’s walked or found a ride everyday.

“They actually come across the vehicle on a Friday," Julian Garza, the shop foreman, said. "That Sunday we come together collectively and put our minds together and thought, what good use could we get out of this vehicle, and that what we come up with Freddie. Freddie came to mind.”

With the gift though, came a little fun for the gift givers.

“He comes back and he tells me that there was something on the dash was missing, and I was like, I didn’t take something," laughs Freddie Rodriguez. “I read the note and I’m like Oh My gosh… I almost busted in tears.”

Garza explains, “It was a thank you for his hard work, his determination, for everything that he had done up until the end, up until now, everything that he’s been doing for us...The vehicle is half as big as this mans heart is, with his daughters and his whole being. So that’s a small token of gratitude compared to who is as a person and an individual."

So now, instead of walking home, he’s driving away in style.

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