Wind Relief, But Brief

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In the wake of yesterday’s high winds, overnight brought clear skies and dry air to our area as wind speeds gradually dropped off. This morning, with the clear sky, dry air, and light wind, temperatures dropped into the teens and 20s. Cold enough for a thin frost on windshields. Just how long can we expect the break from the wind to last?

The wind relief will continue through the day, and so will the sunshine and dry air. Temperatures will peak near the average high for the date, ranging from the mid-50s to near 60 degrees across the KCBD viewing area. That said, even with a light wind, temperatures in the 50s can be quite chilly if you are out in the open.

By Wednesday afternoon the wind once again will be cranking up, becoming what I characterize as somewhat windy (15 to 25 mph with gusts near 35 mph). Tomorrow will get warmer, with highs ranging from the low to upper 60s in the viewing area.

Locally our Valentine's Day will become windy and warm. Right now, I expect the wind will not be as strong as Monday, but it will be strong enough for some blowing dust and it will elevate the wildfire danger. No burn conditions are possible Wednesday afternoon and are likely Thursday. Valentine's Day will be dry, and it will get warm, with highs in the 70s. Some of the warmer spots may top out above 80 degrees!

Another intrusion of arctic air into the central US is looking likely next week. These types of cold-outbreaks often cause us to have lower confidence in our forecasts that far out. If the air is a little colder it could mean more cold air for us, a little less cold and it could mean less cold air for us. A slight shift in the main thrust to the west or east could mean more, or less, cold for us (respectively).

Wintry precipitation locally may accompany the cold, as a separate weather system may be approaching from the west or southwest. Again, a slight change in the strength, path, or available moisture will determine if there is any wintry precipitation and how little or much that may be. In the accompanying video I show you the current outlook and include information not in this story. However, don’t watch the last part of the video if later you are going to say, “You promised....” or “You said there would be....” or “Where’s the ______ you promised?” or “But you said...!” Except for the final graphic, the last part of the video is for entertainment only. At least for now.

Our current take on the cold and precipitation chances are reflected in our extended forecast, available now and 24-7 here on our Weather Page. Of course, our 10-Day Forecast also is available 24-7 in our Weather App. You can download it for free right here from the Weather Page: Click/tap the menu icon (the three stacked-horizontal lines) in the upper left, and then under the “Weather” heading click/tap "DOWNLOAD THE WEATHER APP".

In addition to blowing dust, Monday's wind caused some damage, including a downed power line near downtown Lubbock and a broken utility pole at Harmony Science Academy just after 5 PM. The peak gust recorded at the Lubbock airport was 55 mph, Reese Center 56 mph, Plains 55 mph, Denver City 57 mph, and both Brownfield and Anton 54 mph.

On This Date

February 12, 1995: Freezing drizzle late in the evening through early the next morning coated many bridges, overpasses and roads across the northern and central South Plains. The thin layer of ice contributed to numerous automobile accidents throughout the area.

February 12, 2012: Widespread wintry precipitation fell on and around the Texas South Plains, including widespread significant snowfall. Snowfall rates of up to one inch per hour were reported, as were numerous traffic accidents with the majority in Lubbock. Between 1 and 4 inches of snow was common with isolated amounts up to 5 inches.

On This Date is compiled from the records of the National Weather Service and Caprock Weather as well as data from KCBD.

Lubbock’s low yesterday was 37°, eight degrees above the average for the date. The high was 65°, seven degrees above average. The February 11 record low is 6° (1955 and 1981) and the record high 91° (2017). For today, February 12, Lubbock’s average low is 29° and the high 58°. The record low is 9° (1948 and 1958) and the record high 86° (1962).

Today’s sunset in Lubbock will be at 6:29 PM CST and tomorrow’s sunrise at 7:34 AM CST.

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