New way to stay Covered during surgery

Protecting patient privacy in the operating room

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Look what’s new to help ease the anxiety that comes with surgery for those who feel uncomfortable about being naked and asleep in an operating room.

A sports medicine surgeon at the Mayo Clinic has teamed up with his wife to design a new product called Covr.

That’s C-O-V-R, and it’s designed to keep patients covered up during surgery, particularly during something like a hip replacement when the leg needs to be twisted into position.

Dr. Bruce Levy says, “We’ve developed a garment that’s basically an FDA class one medical device that meets every standard and criteria for drape and gowns in the health care settings and even the operating room. And we use it every day.” His wife, Heather, adds that it’s been in great demand at the Mayo Clinic.

That’s where Dr. Levy is a Sports Medicine Surgeon.

Covr has been widely used there since 2017 and now, it is becoming available nationwide to promote a new kind of patient privacy.

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