Movie on early days of West Texas oil drilling produced by Lubbock native

Lubbock native talks about producing new movie on West Texas oil

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A new movie hitting theaters about the early days of oil drilling has many ties West Texas, but one that sticks out for the South Plains is one of the producers is a Lubbock native.

“The Iron Orchard” was co-produced by Camille Scioli Chambers. Chambers was born and raised in Lubbock and graduated from Monterey High School.

Chambers has worked of the film for a number of years. “The director had it even before I came aboard. It’s been a labor of love. About 8 years to finally get it to this point on the screen. The book was written in the late 60’s. So really 55 years in the making.”

The screenplay is based on the 1966 book of the same name. Even though the book was written more than 50 years ago, Chambers said it is still relatable. “We love that its resonating. It’s not just an oilfield story, not just a Texas story, it’s a universal story about love and loss and going for your dreams and messing up that journey and getting it back. It’s a pretty universal story about struggle and achievement.”

The majority of the film was shot in West Texas. The main setting is the Settles Hotel in Big Spring. The crew also shot in Midland, Coahoma, Forsan, Mitchell County, and in Austin, which was used as a vintage Fort Worth. Chambers said filming took about 24 days.

“We decided to forgo the usual studio model where they open in New York and LA and then they kind of drive to the middle of the country,” Chambers said, explaining their decision to open the film across Texas, including at Lubbock’s Premiere Cinemas location. “We decided to open in the middle and go out because we wanted to bring the film back to where it was made.”

Chambers said many members of the cast and crew are from Texas. “It was done very much with the love and benevolence of West Texans... Just to be able to bring this Texas film home, we feel like we did Texas proud.”

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