National Autopsy Assay Group responds to allegations made in lawsuit

The National Autopsy Assay Group has released a statement in response to the allegations made...
The National Autopsy Assay Group has released a statement in response to the allegations made in a lawsuit filed by a former county employee
Updated: Feb. 25, 2019 at 7:03 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - National Autopsy Assay Group Pathology Labs has released a statement regarding the allegations made in a lawsuit filed by a former Lubbock County employee.

On February 20, Senee Graves filed an employment lawsuit against NAAG Pathology Labs, PC, Dr. Evan Matshes, and Dr. Sam Andrews.

Matshes serves as the company’s CEO and Andrews, while employed by NAAG, works as the Lubbock County Chief Medical Examiner.

According to Graves’ attorneys, she was fired after she observed and reported potentially illegal and suspicious activity within the medical examiner’s office, including autopsies being performed by an unlicensed physician, and concerns over shipping excessive numbers of body parts to NAAG’s lab in California for research purposes.

In her lawsuit, Graves seeks monetary damages that would make her whole, and damages to punish NAAG, Dr. Matshes, and Dr. Andrews for their actions.

In addition, she submitted a letter to the county asking for commissioners to reinstate her with back pay.

NAAG Pathology Labs released this statement in response to the lawsuit:

“NAAG Pathology Labs has been providing forensic pathology services to Lubbock County since October 1, 2018. Since that time, we have worked diligently every day to serve the public. We are aware of various allegations that have been raised about our services and those of Dr. Sam Andrews, who serves as the Chief Medical Examiner of Lubbock County. Both Dr. Andrews and NAAG Pathology Labs strive to carry out all of their services according to the highest of national and international standards. We strongly deny that either NAAG Pathology Labs or Dr. Andrews have acted in any manner that is contrary to the best interest of the public. NAAG Pathology Labs stands behind the work of Dr. Andrews, and we will vigorously defend against every allegation that has been made. We are confident that we will be exonerated of all claims of wrongdoing. Because many of the allegations relate to specific cases within the Medical Examiner’s Office and because those allegations are under investigation, we cannot comment as to any specifics. We are honored to be part of the Lubbock County community and we look forward to continued service.”

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