Teen girl fighting for mobility at UMC ICU

Andrews High athlete recovering at UMC following crash

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A terrible accident in the Permian Basin 10 days ago almost ended the powerlifting dreams for one girl at Andrews High School. Isabel Hinojos and a friend were on their way to a meet when their car veered off the road and hit a pole just 2 miles from her house. The friend had minor injuries, but Isabel’s injuries were so severe that she had to be airlifted to Lubbock and is still hospitalized at UMC today.

“She took off around 5:30 in the morning and I’m going to say 20 minutes later we received a phone call from her friend that was with her telling us that they had been a wreck,” said Jorge Hinojos, Isabel’s dad.

Isabel’s parents, Norma and Jorge said this wasn’t just any wreck, it was the worst one they’ve ever seen. When they arrived to the scene, they say they saw the pick-up on the driver’s side completely crushed and their daughter was trapped inside.

“It’s scary at the moment. My daughter was trapped in there and just by hearing her scream that she can’t feel her legs was the worst feeling [a parent] could have,” said Norma.

Officials on the scene took an hour and half to get Isabel out of the pickup using the jaws of life.

“We were watching and feeling helpless. It’s a nightmare. It sure is a nightmare to see your baby girl in that kind of situation,” said Jorge.

Norma and Jorge say their daughter’s injuries were so severe that she was airlifted to UMC. Now this award winning powerlifter is fighting for her mobility in the intensive care unit. Her parents say her injuries are mostly to her legs.

This family says its been a hard situation for this whole family, but at least Isabel is keeping their spirits up.

“She’s been a warrior. I just tell her that she’s just in another competition to get better,” said Jorge.

Doctors say Isabel will be in the hospital for at least one to two more weeks. In the meantime, there is a gofundme for her medical expenses. To donate click here.

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