Schools experimenting with ‘roughhousing zones’ at recess

Let’s have a little rowdy fun, eh?

Schools experimenting with ‘roughhousing zones’ at recess
Punching, kicking, biting and other violent gestures are not allowed. (Source: Pexels)

QUEBEC, Canada (Gray News) - If you’re worried Generation Z will be too soft or too entitled to handle life in the real world, you should probably send your kids to school in Canada.

Recess at elementary schools in Quebec will include “roughhousing zones” where supervised physical play is allowed, according to a report by Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Kids will be able to grab, wrestle, tackle and push one another down. It’s the type of nostalgic horseplay baby boomers have been clamoring for since the 1900s ended.

Even so, it won’t be a free-for-all. Punching, kicking, biting and other violent gestures are not allowed. Afterall, this isn’t hockey.

"The students can't kick, push bite, obviously ... so it's really mostly about grabbing each other and trying to bring them down in the snow," L'école du Cheval-Blanc Principal Patrick Courville told CBC.

Students will have to volunteer and must have completed a training session with a physical education teacher before they’re allowed to participate.

"The gym class teachers are highly involved. In fact, it was their idea," said Valerie Dionne, who has two children at L'ecole du Cheval-Blanc. "[The children] will learn it in gym class. They will learn to wrestle without punches and kicks."

Adult supervision eased the minds of parents concerned about bullying.

"I'd rather have them in a structured environment with adults doing something they would likely do otherwise despite our best efforts," Dionne said.

The schools will experiment with Grade 3 students before introducing rough play zones to other grades.

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