First Bank Classic Swings into action Thursday

First Bank Classic starts Thursday

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -The First Bank Classic has a good mix among the 16 teams in the field this season. Besides schools that will host the games (Monterey, Coronado, Lubbock, Estacado, Lubbock Cooper and Frenship), Plainview is in the Classic as well as El Paso teams and State ranked Colleyville Heritage.

To play 5 games at home against top competition, Coronado Coach Gary Hix is thrilled.

“That’s the most important thing, you get home and you get to play on a familiar field. That’s always good because playing all those games on the road, that gets to be cumbersome at times. It feels good to be at home.”

Monterey Head Coach Kent Meador agreed with the great experience of the First Bank Classic.

“To be able to sleep at home and eat momma’s cooking and still get the benefits of playing good people in your own ballpark, kids are really looking forward to it.”

Estacado Coach Mark Llanas says baseball is strong in our area.

“Lubbock is a baseball town and I know we are in West Texas, the heart of football. We have some really good baseball from Shallowater, New Deal went to State last year, Idalou, Cooper, Frenship, the Lubbock Schools here, Denver City is going to be really good. Levelland is top five this year. It’s good baseball and a testament to what we do around here. Texas Tech, LCU and Wayland are around. We produce good baseball around here.

Here’s the lineup of games for the 2019 First Bank Classic:


At Coronado

1pm McNeil vs. Coronado

4pm McNeil vs. EP Americas

7pm EP Americas vs Coronado

At Estacado

1pm Plainview vs. Estacado

4pm Plainview vs. EP Chapin

7pm EP Chapin vs Estacado

At Lubbock High

1pm Midland Lee vs Lubbock High

4pm EP Montwood vs. Midland Lee

7pm EP Montwood vs. Lubbock High

At Monterey

3pm EP Coronado vs. Monterey

6pm Odessa Permian at Monterey

At Lubbock Cooper

3pm Odessa Permian at Lubbock Cooper

6pm EP Coronado vs Lubbock Cooper

At Frenship

1pm EP Socorro vs. Frenship

4pm EP Socorro vs Colleyville Heritage

7pm Colleyville Heritage vs. Frenship

Friday March 8

At Coronado

1pm Colleyville Heritage vs. EP Chapin

4pm Colleyville Heritage vs Coronado

7pm EP Chapin vs Coronado

At Estacado

2pm EP Coronado vs. Estacado

6pm Odessa Permian vs. Estacado

At Lubbock High

2pm Odessa Permian vs. Lubbock High

6pm EP Coronado vs. Lubbock High

At Monterey

1pm McNeil vs. EP Montwood

4pm EP Monwood vs Monterey

7pm EP Americas vs. Monterey

At Lubbock Cooper

1pm Midland Lee vs. EP Socorro

4pm Midland Lee vs Cooper

7pm EP Socorro vs Cooper

At Frenship

1pm EP Americas vs. Plainview

4pm Plainview vs Frenship

7pm Mcneil vs Frenship


At Coronado

10am EP Socorro vs Odessa Permian

1pm Odessa Permian vs Coronado

At Estacado

10am Plainview vs. EP Montwood

1pm EP Montwood vs. Estacado

At Lubbock High

10am McNeil vs EP Coronado

1pm EP Chapin vs. Lubbock

At Monterey

10am Midland Lee vs. EP Americas

1pm Frenship vs Monterey

At Lubbock Cooper

10am Colleyville Heritage vs. Lubbock Cooper

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