TTUHSC research finds vaccines promote life

Healthwise: Dr. Brandt Schneider, TTUHSC Dean of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As the Texas Tech School of Medicine celebrates 50 years in Lubbock, we are learning more about each of the 5 schools there. One is the School of Biomedical Sciences where you find complicated classes like Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. But it’s also the school that is going to help all of us the most in terms of research.

You see, people don’t just go to the Texas Tech School of Medicine to become doctors.

Many go to become scientists.

Dr. Brandt Schneider, Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences says “We study the causes and the cures for disease. We also study pharmaceutical sciences where they study the design, the impact and delivery of drugs. We’re very proud of our most recent program which is public health, promoting wellness in the population through better lifestyle choices.”

The bottom line - people don’t realize the amount of research that comes from Texas Tech. For example, students there are studying a timely issue, vaccines. Dr. Schneider says, “Vaccines, the science behind it is really hard and fast. They prevent disease and they help promote life and prevent death. They’re starting to discover now that you can be vaccinated against say measles and it actually protects against other things like pneumonia.”

Dr. Schneider believes it is the students in the School of Biomedical Sciences who could make a huge difference in how we look at diseases. He explains, “These students are the ones who go forward and result in cures, the writing of text books, interventions, treatments or in public health policy.”

He adds, “We study genetics. We study biochemistry. We study the kinds of things you guys read about in the newspaper that make a difference in the news stories you hear.”

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