Pregnant Florida woman stabs boyfriend for looking at photo of another woman, deputies say

Pregnant Florida woman stabs boyfriend for looking at photo of another woman, deputies say
When authorities arrived, Gonzalez reportedly showed signs of anxiety. She was taken to a hospital where deputies interviewed her. (Source: Pasco County Sheriff's Office)

ZEPHYRHILLS, FL (Gray News) - When Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at a Zephyrhills home last week, they found bloody five-inch steak knife, a shirt soaked in blood and a pregnant woman showing signs of anxiety.

Twenty-five-year-old Julitza Emily Gonzalez said she didn’t do anything, but deputies believe she was the person who wielded the knife that wounded her boyfriend.

Investigators said she stabbed him after he looked at a photo of another woman on his roommate’s phone, according to WTVT.

She was arrested last week for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

It started innocently enough, her arrest report said. The victim’s roommate wanted to show him a picture of the woman he wanted to date.

Gonzalez was sitting in the room and was not pleased that her boyfriend took a look.

The ensuing argument got so heated, it made the roommate uncomfortable, so he left the room to let them hash it out.

He told investigators he heard someone digging through the kitchen drawer. Moments later, the victim ran into his roommate’s room, bleeding from his stomach.

“That (expletive) stabbed me,” the victim told the roommate, according to deputies.

The roommate called 911, but the victim needed immediate help. So, he used a shirt to apply pressure to the wound until paramedics arrived.

The arrest report said Gonzalez walked into the room and demanded to know why her boyfriend would look at the girl’s picture.

Paramedics airlifted the boyfriend to a hospital in Lakeland. Gonzalez was taken to a different hospital where deputies interviewed her.

During their conversation, deputies said she claimed not to have stabbed her boyfriend. She told them he must have fallen on the blade.

However, the doctors who treated the victim’s wound said it wasn’t consistent with an accident.

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