Lubbock City Council hears research on short-term rental properties

Lubbock City Council hears research on short-term rental properties

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Could your neighbors change weekly? Sounds impossible, but if your neighbors own a short-term rental home, like an Airbnb, this could be a possibility. Tuesday, the Lubbock City Council had a work meeting where they heard from the City Planning Committee about their research they’ve been doing into short term rental properties.

AJ Fawver is the Director of Planning for the City of Lubbock. She made the presentation to the city council. “The city council asked us to look at short term rentals, which most people know as Airbnb or VRBO sites and how those are regulated by other cities in the state.”

Fawver has been in contact with several other Texas cities to find out how they’re managing and regulating the properties. Cities she contacted include Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, San Angelo and Waco.

There is no current state standard for the city to compare to and each city has different regulations and rules for different properties.

“We’re really trying to do assessment and get our arms around what that looks like around the state elsewhere” said Fawver, “Then we can have further discussions what that should maybe look like for us.”

The state legislature has several bills introduced to them about short term rentals. The city says they’re waiting on the state’s decision before they decide anything.

“How those are addressed by the senate and house will certainly have a great impact on municipalities and how and what regulations they can and can’t have for short term rentals” said Fawver. “Nothing has been drafted or set in stone. This meeting was just to go over the research. It’s just very preliminary discussion and its very likely we’ll have a series of these discussions before we’re finally ready to move forward with putting something on a council agenda for action.”

If anyone has a questions or problems, Fawver said you can call the Planning Department at 806-775-2108 or email them at

You can find their website, here.

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