Lubbock roofing company urges patience with response to extreme wind damage

Lubbock roofing company urges patience with response to extreme wind damage

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - While still making repairs and assessing damage from a hail storm in May, Lubbock roofers are now overwhelmed with inspection requests after Wednesday’s extreme wind event swept away the tops of area homes and businesses.

“It’s been a little hectic,” Hartman Roofing’s Mike Tomlinson said. “We’ve been inundated with calls and I really want to ask people to be patient with everybody. We are trying our best and will get to everybody as quick as we can.”

Tomlinson tells KCBD much of the work Hartman is doing now is in response to last May’s hail storm. This latest storm just adds to the damage suffered by area homeowners. He tells customers that these storms caused different kinds of damage and some of it could be hidden.

“Hail damage actually damages the shingle and bruises it,” Tomlinson said. “With wind damage, it’s not just the missing shingles that we are looking at. We are looking for loose shingles, as well. That hurts the integrity of the roof. As far as insurance is concerned, that’s part of it as well, not just the missing shingles. It’s the loose ones, when the seal has been broken and that might not be seen from the ground. We’re just inspecting the entire roof for that as well as the hail.”

If another wind or storm event sweeps across the area, loose shingles could lift and tear a large section of the shingles off and cause a leak, Tomlinson said.

Most insurance companies have a time limit on filing a claim after a storm.

“We can come out and give you an inspection of damage and then assess if it’s worth filing a claim or not,” Tomlinson said. “Right now, there will be a lot of claims filed.”

Consumers are advised to research roofing companies before working with them. Tomlinson said the best way is to see if the company is a member of the Lubbock Area Roofing Contractors Association or checking with a neighbor.

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