App allows West Texas residents to buy local produce

App allows you to buy produce locally

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Some of us grow our vegetables, but most just buy them from the grocery store. Well, now you can buy locally-grown produce at the push of a button with an app called ‘Vinder.’

The founders want you to think of it as an online farmers market except the produce is available 24/7. Sam Lillie and Mark Dejarnatt are both the founders of the app, Vinder.

“Our mission is to create a food system that is really owned by the people. It’s created by our tagline which is neighbors feeding neighbors because when you go online you’re actually finding products that are made in your neighbors kitchen and those are the ones you’re buying it directly from,” Lillie said.

You can find all types of produce on the app including vegetables, fruit, fresh baked bread and more.

“It’s a neighbor-made grocery store,” Lillie said.

You can find the app in your Android or iPhone app store.

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