Lubbock celebrates 110 years as a city

Lubbock turns 110 years old

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The City of Lubbock turned 110 years old on Saturday. The town incorporated and officially became a city on March 16, 1909.

Monte Monroe, an archivist at the Southwest Collections Library, said Lubbock began as two separate towns. One was in what is currently south Lubbock, and one in the north.

“The county and township of Lubbock and its founding was unique in that we did not go through some of the courthouse battles that other counties around the Panhandle and elsewhere in Texas went through,” Monroe said.

In 1891, some men met at the historic Nicolett Hotel. It was there they decided to purchase new land and merge the two townships. All of the buildings were moved to the new land, including the Nicolett Hotel, which is where the federal courthouse is now.

“It was about 10 years later that the city founders decided they wanted to incorporate and that occurs today, 110 years ago on March the 16th, 1909,” Monroe said.

The vote to turn the town into an official city was almost two-to-one.

Monroe said the city has continued to increase and grow ever since. He said a number of things have propelled the growth of Lubbock.

“Most importantly was this incorporation, and then of course in the 1920s comes the opportunity to get Texas Tech University. During World War II you had the development of both South Plains and Lubbock Army Air Corps bases. We also started to become a major medical area for this region,” Monroe said.

Monroe said the first Category 5 tornado was documented in Lubbock. He said that brought in a lot of federal funding, and Lubbock took off after that.

He said when Lubbock hit 200,000 people, the hotel industry began to take off. Monroe’s been told in the next census, Lubbock County, if not the City of Lubbock, may reach close to 300,000 people.

He said Lubbock has become a wonderful city, a great place for people to live and raise their children.

“My wife and I came out here in 1979 and we never left,” Monroe said.

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