Spring storms on the horizon

Spring storms on the horizon
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - While chilly, the day otherwise has been pleasant, and you can expect more of the same this evening. You may have noticed the cloud cover has gradually been thickening through the afternoon. The clouds are associated with a compact low-pressure area over southern New Mexico drifting east-northeast. It earlier today produced snowfall which snarled traffic on highways near Las Cruces. The low is moving our way. Read on for what this may mean for our area.

While moving our way, the low is weakening. It may, however, have enough lift remaining to generate sprinkles or a few very light rain showers this evening and tonight. In addition to being very light, any precipitation will be liquid. Amounts of a few hundredths of inch appear possible, but most will receive less than that (if any at all).

Warmer weather, at least somewhat warmer, returns Sunday. Though the day begins about as cold as Saturday, the afternoon will be warmer. Though still cool. Winds will be about the same, but today and tonight's cloud cover will give way to a mostly sunny sky. By the way, Sunday is St. Patrick's Day.

Rain chances begin to edge into the forecast around the Vernal Equinox, the so-called official start of Spring, Wednesday. The rain chance will be slim late Wednesday but will increase Thursday into Friday. That includes a chance of thunderstorms. An early heads-up to what may be coming our way late in the week.

With the start of Spring, 80-degree temperatures aren't far off. You won't find them quite yet in our extended forecast; however, I do have a few days in the 70s. That forecast and more is right here on our KCBD Weather Page.

Lubbock’s minimum reported temperature today is 33°, four degrees below the average for the date. The high is 54°, thirteen degrees below the average. The March 16 record low is 16° (1923) and the record high 87° (1966 and again in 2017).

From Lubbock, sunset Saturday is at 7:56 PM CDT, sunrise Sunday is at 7:55 AM CDT, and sunset Sunday is at 7:56 PM CDT.

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