Kingdom Prep students prepare, package 10,000 meals to donate

Kingdom Prep students prepare, package 10,000 meals to donate

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Students at Kingdom Prep Academy participated in the “Feed the Need” program as they prepared and packaged 10,000 meals at their school Friday.

1,000 of those meals will be donated to the South Plains Food Bank in Lubbock to help out local families. The other 9,000 meals will be sent to Haiti.

Students put on hairnets and had to sanitize their hands and put on gloves to handle the food. There were several different stations for all of the students to help out in shifts. There was a meal packing station where scoops of vitamins, vegetables, protein and rice were added and sealed in a plastic bag. Another station student packed the meals into boxes. Other students pre-labed and decorated the outside of the boxes.

Kingdom Prep Academy has been planning this event for more than six months. At the beginning of the school year, they knew they wanted to do a project that would help a lot of people.

Jared Squires is the Headmaster for Kingdom Prep As academy. “As we talked to our school, we were looking for an event that was greater than just the boundaries of our school and so we really liked the international impact of this.”

Squires said there was a positive response to the event.

Nick Clifton is the Director Of Family Ministry. “It's a great way to get our whole school involved and we're seeing that in our students and parents and volunteers.”

Squires knew students were looking forward to the event. “I think it’s been a lot more fun than the students anticipated. I think they’re having a great time. It’s going to be something very memorable for them.”

The school hopes that the people receiving the donations know that there is a lot more than just food being sent out in these boxes.

“It’s just not about giving them food,” Clifton said. “That they are being prayed for. They’re being cared for. They are loved even hundreds of miles way.”

The school said it will take several weeks for the packages to reach Haiti.

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