Texas Tech reviews admissions procedures in response to national scandal

How Texas Tech prevents admissions fraud

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Department of Education has begun a preliminary investigation into several more universities in the admissions scandal, in which more than 50 people, including celebrities such as Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, allegedly paid to get their children admitted into prestigious colleges.

Ethan Logan, Ph.D., the associate vice president for enrollment management, said Texas Tech is not under investigation, but has engaged in conversation about their admissions procedures.

“For the most part, we’re receiving all this information in a controlled, secured delivery. And, so we don’t officially admit a student to the university until we have official documentation in place,” Logan said.

Logan said he has a lot of confidence in the standard of procedure for enrollment at Texas Tech university.

He said conversations have come up in response to the admission scandal, but it has never become a question of how an admissions office operates.

Instead, what we are seeing is a case of fraud through the falsification of test documents from an outside source, or extorted behavior by individuals who were in positions of trust and employment at the institution.

“The continuity of the access and the equitable application of our standard to all of our students is a Hallmark of what is a public institution of higher education, but also what I think Texas Tech strives to hold as our ethical standard,” Logan said.

Texas Tech has a two-step admission process.

The first is assured admission to those who meet a standard of academic rigor. The second is a holistic review of a student’s academic ability, plus any extra-curricular activities or additional information found on a resume, in an essay or a variety of other sources.

Logan said educating and empowering a diverse student body is a strategic priority for Texas Tech.

“The idea is we provide the broadest opportunities to the most students, especially in Texas, but across the county that we can, in order to open the opportunity of Texas Tech’s education to any student who’s interested in Texas Tech University," Logan said.

Logan said Texas Tech does not face the same problems that led to the national admission scandal because in those instances a lot of students are trying to earn a limited number of seats.

He said opportunity for access to Texas Tech University has never been limited by capacity.

“If a student wants to come to Texas Tech University and they can’t meet our academic threshold, then we have other alternatives pathways for them to come here,” Logan said.

In response to the scandal, Texas Tech University is reviewing their procedures to ensure a continuous application standard of admissions to the university. Logan said applicants should have great confidence in Texas Tech’s ability to ensure that standard of access.

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