Texas Tech, South Plains College sign transfer agreement

Texas Tech, South Plains College sign transfer agreement
A statue of Governor Preston Smith greets passersby as they walk near the Administration Building on the Texas Tech campus. (Source: Michael Cantu)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It will soon be even easier for certain students to transfer credits from South Plains College to Texas Tech.

The two schools announced Monday they have signed a memorandum of understanding on an alternate admission program for students that were not initially accepted into the university.

The Texan to Red Raider program will guarantee the students admission into Texas Tech once they have completed all program requirements at South Plains College.

“This partnership is distinguished by the long-standing relationship between Texas Tech and South Plains College and our close proximity that provides special pathways for students," Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said in a news release. “Our continued collaboration will enhance access to a college degree, benefiting both of our schools and our communities.”

The release says students will take between 12 to 15 credit hours at Tech while taking approximately 40 hours at South Plains. Students participating in the program also receive university privileges including use of The Rec and athletic event access.

For more information on the Texan to Red Raider program, visit SouthPlainsCollege.edu and TTU.edu.

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