Matthew Liford sentenced to 10 years for punching baby in the face

Preventing child abuse

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - 18-year-old Matthew Liford was recently sentenced to 10 years for injury to a child.

Liford was charged with aggravated assault after being accused of punching his 6-week-old baby on June 6, 2017, and sending the child to the emergency room.

According to court documents, the child suffered a fractured skull, bruising on her face and bleeding in her brain and eye.

In July, 18-year-old Matthew Liford and his 36-year-old adoptive mother Ashley Liford were indicted by a grand jury on charges of knowingly engaging in sexual intercourse with each other.

In September, he was indicted on the charge of injury to a child. They were both charged with prohibited sexual conduct with a relative, but this charge against Matthew was dismissed.

During the investigation, they discovered that Matthew’s adoptive mother Ashley is also the mother of his child - the child who was injured in the assault.

Last month she was sentenced to 25 years.

Court documents show Matthew and Ashley have two children together.

There are additional charges against Ashley from October 2016 for a second-degree felony count of sexual assault of a child. Court documents show that Matthew was 16 years old when she and Matthew had their first child.

Reports say the children were placed in foster care.

Man indicted for aggravated assault, accused of punching 6-week-old baby in face

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