Businesses on Broadway taking extra steps to protect themselves after Saturday night chaos

Broadway businesses say Saturday night was not all negative

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We spoke with some concerned business owners on Sunday, and they all agreed that Saturday night’s events were not all negative.

We talked to owners of The Matador, T.C. Elli’s and Bierhaus about the chaos that erupted last night after Texas Tech beat Michigan in the Final Four game. Owners say they were thrilled with the win, but they didn’t expect the celebration to take a crazy turn just feet away from their businesses.

Tahnee Elliott is the owner of T.C. Elli’s on Broadway. Her business can be seen in the background of multiple videos taken during the chaos. She says when she heard what was going down, she immediately took a look at her cameras.

“I could definitely see that there were a lot of people outside checking it out," Elliott said, "but there wasn’t anybody smashed up against the window. The windows were all intact.”

Elliott, along with the owners of other businesses we spoke to, like Bierhaus, said they weren’t too shaken up by the celebration. They say they understood why these fans were so amped up.

“If 90% of the people are good and the other 10% aren’t, you’re going to only see the bad more than the good,” said Jarrett Alexander, bartender at Bierhaus.

KCBD also spoke to City Council Member Steven Massengale, who owns The Matador on the corner of Broadway. He told us the city will work together with businesses in the area to make sure everyone is safe on Monday night.

“Just from a safety standpoint," Massengale said, "we are going to look at some parameters to see how our employees will be protected and make sure their property stays protected, too.”

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